Welcome to my project. These pictures represent what the Charger looked like when I first bought it back in June, 2002. The owner of the car before me was trying to accomplish what I am achieving before you in later chapters. You will see work gone BAD, rust covered up by bondo, major bondo. Holes in trunk where rust ate through.

This project is 3+ years in the making. 3+ years of pain. The pain came from the amount of work the car was going to need just to get it into the condition I thought it was in when I bought it. Cancer(rust)was my biggest enemy with the project thus far. The result of the major rust is not only more time, but of course, more money out of my already thin pockets. Once you get past this first chapter, you will begin to see the car come alive. Lets just say, we are bringing her back from the dead. .