1970 Top Fuel WYNN’S Stormer Challenger Funnycar

“The Action Man” Kenney Goodell Raced the Funny Car During The 1970 & 1971 Season.

Goodell was one of the first to break the 200 mph barrier in the Northwest, and he did it in this car.

Well, this is my new project. I plan on putting the car back to its original condition, as it once was in 1971, at least as close as possible. I would like to take it to car shows, and to the track to run exhibition passes. The car is in various pieces right now, and will need some love.

Below are some of the pictures I have of the famous 1970 top fuel funnycar that came out of the Northwest, as it was back in 1970 and 1971. You will also see pictures of when Lou Sgro raced the car, and to what it looks like today.

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In 1971 the car went from blue to purple & orange (as you see it today) with Kenny Youngblood lettering.
(Paint work has been re-done since 1971)

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******Change of Hands******

Lou Sgro bought the car back in 1997. He turned her back into one mean nostalgia machine.

Lou raced the car very successfully on the nostalgia circuit from the late 90’s till 2004.

Below are pictures of when Lou owned and raced her.

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I hope you have enjoyed viewing a small piece of Nostalgia Funnycar history.

The car is in various pieces and stages right now, which means we have a bunch of work to do in order to get her back to the state she once was in 1971.

Here are some current pictures that were taken on 11/1/06.

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Don't miss my buddy Rich sitting in the car making vroom-vroom noises... It was too funny..

Check back with us on the status of our restoration