1969 Plymouth Road Runner Project

As I have been looking for my next project car, I had my mind set up on either a Road Runner, GTX, 67 Coronet, or even another 68 Charger. I found that prices have gone through the roof, even on a rusted out major project car. With that said, I decided that if I am going to have to spend money, then I will buy something that is somewhat complete, meaning with the trim, glass, etc., and hopes that the body itself is not to rusted. While down in Los Angeles I found this Roadrunner. It was pretty complete and had some questionable body issues. Since I dealt with such extreme body issues on the Charger project, I was not too worried, but of course everything can be repaired, but at what cost. This RR had already had a roll cage installed and some cutting up of the back section, and other modifications, so I felt better about taking on this car as my project and giving her a full customer overhaul. I will begin to list out pictures of what she looked like when I bought her, to where she is currently in the project. She will resemble a lot like the Charger, but more extreme from a Pre Street perspective. I learned a great deal when I built the Charger back in 2005, seen many cars since, and with what is available today, and a more open and creative mind, I will build one extreme Road Runner that make my old Charger look like a tame commuter vehicle. Check in often as I hope to continue making a little progress each and every week.

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