528 Blown Hemi Charger - FOR SALE (SOLD!)

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I am ready to start my next project, but I have to make room and need the money to fund it. With that said, I am preparing to sell my custom 1968 PROStreet HEMI Charger.

The engine is custom built from the ground up, starting with a bare Iron 528 Block and added all the right components to make it strong and reliable, since it is more of a street/show car than race. I built her specifically to be driven on the street, turn heads, and go place 1st or 2nd at each car show I attend. I accomplished this goal and she has been a pleasure to own and drive. I take her for drive almost every week around town. She starts right up, and can be filled up at any local gas station. She runs on standard 91 Octane, and puts out just over 1050 horsepower, with almost just as much torque. This is due to the low compression of about 8, and with an under driven 12-71 blower that begins to really kick in at 5000 RPM.

Some Specs:
528 Chrysler Iron Block
Hydraulic Cam
Aluminum Mopar Heads
12-71 Mooneyham Blower
2 - 950 DP Hollye's
Custom made Aluminum INDY Flo radiator
4 Electric Fans
Power steering
Hydroboost power brakes
MSD Ignition
Hooker Headers with Flow Masters
4 wheel Wilwood Disk Brakes
Polished Centerlines
Narrowed Dana 60 with 4.10ís
Electric Fuel pump
15 gallon Aluminum Fuel Cell with foam
Dual Optima Batteries
Autometer Sport Comp gauges
Custom interior with many original door panels
Audio system with 6 disk CD changer/amps, and great loud speakers
1970 HEMI Orange Paint Mix
Vinyl Top
Stretched rear wheel wells by 4 inches to accommodate the big tires nicely
Just about all the metal from the front of the door to the rear bumper has been replaced
Full Roll Cage
Precision metal/body work and painting
Alston 4 link along with role cage

The car has never been dragged at the strip, due to insurance reasons and not able to afford to fix or replace her if something happened on the track.

The car has been in several magazines over the years including Goodguys, Mopar Collection and Mopar Action. Only ones that I know of.

Every car show she attends wins first or second place. Only third place the car won was at the big Mopar show in Las Vegas. She also has a Top Gun award from the big Mopar show held in Monterey, Ca. Car draws crowds and countless pictures, questions, and kudos for the work I have done.

When I first put her on the road I had a FAST BDS Electronic fuel injection setup, but we could just not get it to work right, so I yanked it and installed carbs and never looked back.

The Motor was built by Rich Nedbal of Mopar Engines West back in 2005.

Car has 2,810 miles on her since she hit the road in 2005.

I am not sure what the car is worth these days, I have my own idea but it would be great if anyone could help me justify a value. Back in 2005, I had the car appraised by a well known Bayarea car appraisal company and it came in at $140,000.00.. I know itís nowhere near that today based on the economy.

If you are interested in making an offer to purchase, or have questions please email me at info@hemi6t8.com

I am in San Jose, Ca.

Below are current pictures of the car, taken on Jan 21st, 2012.